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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 27, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this morning on "early today," mission milestone. nasa prepares to test what may or may not be the next generation of space flights.
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cockpit controversy. new details on what caused those two northwest airline pilots to overshoot their destination. and panorama prodigy, an amazing sketch of new york city done by memory after a 20-minute helicopter ride. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, and good morning, everyone, i'm dan kloeffler. and today we begin with a crucial test for an uncertain future. this morning, nasa is set to launch the latest generation rocket designed to replace the aging space shuttle fleet. but after several years and nearly $500 million, it may be running into some trouble. kristin dahlgren live in florida this morning. kristin, good morning to you. reporter: hey, good morning, dan.
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if all goes according to plan this morning, 725 sensors will track the rocket's speed and performance, but the biggest qution may be whether this reall is the future of human space flight or a very expensive experiment. towering 327 feet above the launch pad ares 1-x is poised to fly. nasa ready to light the fuse, firing solid rocket boosters to 3 million pounds of thrust in less than half a second, lifting the 1.8 million pound rocket on its 2 1/2 minute unmanned test flight. >> it's enjoying to look spectacular. >> reporter: at least that's the plan. nasa engineers admit there are things that could go wrong. take these high profile disasters in the space station's history. >> there's a lot of unknowns. >> reporter: but it could be only a test. ares may never fly again. last week a panel of experts recommended the program be scrapped calling ares too
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expensive and the wrong rocket. >> we know on this team the best thing we can do to help the debate is make this rocket fly right. we are obviously very focussed on doing that. >> reporter: now it's up to president obama to make the call. >> the first test flight of this new rocket. >> reporter: in the meantime, nasa is going ahead with the $445 million test flight. the focus for now, getting ares off the ground, even as the future of the rocket remains up ithe air. right now, though, the immediate concern is with the weather. clouds and rain could force cancellation for the day as for the future of the program. president obama is expted to make his decision by the end of the year, dan. >> all right, kristin dahlgren live for us this morning. thank you, kristin, lot on t line down there. after months of fiery debate, leading senate democrats are pushing forward legislation with the government-backed insurance option. the party's liberal base is applauding that move, but
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majority leaderarry reid must still win over moderates in order to get the 60 votes needed for it to pass. in an effort to do just that, the plan would give the states a choice to opt out of the so-caed public option. with weeks of debate and negotiation before any floor vote, the congressional budget office will crunch those numbers for an estimate of cts and coverage. president obama is defending his approach to more planning, insisting he will not be rushed into making a decision on troop levels in afghanistan. speaking to thsands of troops and their family members in florida, the president described war decisions as a "solemn duty" vowing not to make a hay decision. the comments aimed to push back at critics. most notably former vice president dick cheney who accused the white house of diterring on its strategy. the president is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks of whether to add tens of thousands of additional forces of troops to the battle in afghanistan. now, a look at other stories
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making news today. part of the massachusetts turnpike was closed after three tractor trailers and a car crashed at a toll booth. police report the two trucks collided while approaching tt booth. one truck hauling beef littered that road with frozen meat. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. the coast guard rescued hundreds of sea birds found dying along the oregon coast. the birds were sick from toxic sea foam algae. officials say the caused the birds to lose the waterproofing and eventually die from hypotherm hypothermia. they were flown to a facility to be cleaned off. an artist famous for his panoramas was flown to new york to sketch the city by memory. he was diagnosed with autism by the age of 3 and has a photographic memory that allows him to draw an entire city after a 20-minute helicopter ride he's already at work at it meticulously filling a 20-foot
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long canvas. and a delta airlines plane is taking off in a new style to take part in a fight against breast cancer. all to support breast cancer awareness month. the crew modified the outfits to get into the spirits, sellin pink lemonade on board to raise money for the cause. and now for a look at the national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the forecast. >> i want to hear more about that kid. amazing. just 20-minute helicopter ride. >> and if you look closely, he's drawi in windo, doors. i mean the detail is amazing. >> a genius. >> yeah. i can baly remember what i ha forreakfast yesterday. >> probably nothing good. let's talk a little bit about your forecast this morning. active weather all through the east today. yesterday was a pretty nice day from ine all the way to florida. today the storm syst is on its way. there's a lot of cloudsand there's a lot of light rain. wee not going to see any horrible floodg, nothing too
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bad,just going to be damp t there. considable amount of moisture coming offthe gulf. so in georgia, expect a decent amount of rain especially around atlanta and that'll eventually work i way across northern florida. also a little coastal storm. a little ba storm, little tiny, but it is bringing light rain to highly populated areas. the ground is w from washington, d.c. to baltimore. it is now moving up into philadelphia, central jers, all through delaware. and this will eventually wk its way up towards new york city an long island as we go throughout the day today. it's an umbrea day from southern new england all the way back down 95 to washington, d.c. and also, a lot of wet weather in the southeast. just kind of a damp and cool tuesday. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. many areas today, stuck in the 50s and 60s with all of the clouds around. we will watch behind the stem for better weather, so areas like louisville, kentucky, will be better along with chicago. but a lot of e areas in the southeast will be damp and wet.
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well, dan, we'll be back with that tuesday and wednesday forecast. of course we've got game one of the world series on wednesday and we've also got rain in the forecast. i'll bring that to you. >> thank you for that, bill, appreciate it. plitics drives tradinging. the dollar drives down coodities, and more bad news for newspapers. your early morning business headlines straight ahead. plus, would you buy clothes if they were designed by these women? mark mcgwire returns to the cardinals, the eagles, and a soccer goal you'v got to see. you're watching "early today."
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and welcome back to "early today." i'm dan kloeffler. and here are your top headlines this tuesday morning. two northwest airline pilots who flew 150 miles past a landing in minneapolis last week could soon be out of work. both men now claim they were not
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engaged in the heated discussion as initially reported, but instead looking at their schedules on personal laptops. delta which owns northwest says that's a violation of the airline's policy and could be pushable by termination. in a stunning admission, one of fidel castro's sisters claims she spent years collaborating with cia agets against her brher. she says that shortly after the 1959 resolution, she became dissolutioned and began passing on informati about cuba's former leader. according to her memoir, it was on the strict condition that she was not paid or involved in any violent activity. >>the victim in the roman polanski child victim case is once again urging the california court to dismiss charges against the director. samantha geiner says she suffered health problems last month. and officials in norway said
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they arrested a man after he tried to smuggle dozens of snakes and lizards into the country by taping them to his body. he said he wanted to keep the animals as pets. but police suspect he was planning on selling them on the black market. now here's an early look at how walltreet will kick off today. the dow opens at 9,667 after tripping up 104 points on monday. the s&p fell 12, the nasdaq dropped 12 points, as well. overas trading this morning, tokyo the nikkei sank 150 points and hong kong the hang seng lost 420 points. it's not often you see an issue working its way through congress on the floor of the new york stock exchange, but thas exactly what happened yesterday. nervous instors ditched home builders and financials sending stocks falling, afraid lawmakers would let a home buyer tax credit expire. without that credit, traders worry the struggling housing market might lose a key incentive, one tat many believe
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helped turn things around. although harry reid sa monday the senate could vote as soon as today extend that tax break. earlier rumors sprea that he had decided to let it expire. those rumors, they did all the damage. housing stocks were battered, toll brothers slumped 4%, lenar also shed 4%, bezer down 4%. the financials also took a beating, as well, jpmorgan lost 3%. alo with bank of america down 5%. also hurting stocks yesterday, a sharp and sudden rebound in the value of the dollar. that stalled rally in commodities which sent shares and material companies tumbling. shares in radio shack were at a 13-month high after the electronics chain reported quarterly revenue above expectations. newspaper circulation already dropping steadily for years now has fallen dramatically faster over the last six months.
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the average daily circulation of 379 newspapers plunged 10.6%. that's compared to the same six months a year ago. now, finally, if you ever have to pull duty for your company, you're going to have to do it without big macs. iceland's three mcdonald's restaurants all in the capital will close next weekend with the franchise owner brought down by the collapse of iceland's corona. so from the land of bork, no more big macs. a strange goal in soccer, and a rurn of mark mcgwire, plus the philadelphia eagles fly by the lowly red skins. on this tuesday, we're watching two big storms, one heading into the east, and the other one moving through the west. your regional forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, after a shocking loss last weekend, the seller dwelling oakland raiders, the philadelphia eagles managed to rediscover their mojo last night against the washington redskins. here's fred roggin with an early look at all of your sports headlines. >> good morning. last week the washington
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redskins stripped jim zorn of his play-calling duties in an effort to get back on track. didn't make a difference against the eagles. the eagl wasted no time getting on board. two minutes in, philly with a bit of trickery, deshawn jackson goes 67 yards down the sidelines, eagles up 7-0. the offensive plays for the redskins, i don't think he called this. intercepted jason campbell and came for the score. final minutes of the second quarter, donovan mcnabb, 57 yards to a wide open jackson, second t.d. of the thgame, eagles won it 27-17. mark mcgwire's back in baseball, the st. louis cardinals have hired mcgwire as their new hitting coach. in 1998, he hit 70 homers with the cards and famously refused to answer questions about steroids in the 2005 congressional hearings. he was tight-lipped then and now. he was a no-show to his own news conference yesterday at busch
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stadium. hockey, canadians needed overtime, check out the individual effort from montreal's thomas lacadis. canadians won it 3-2, the islanders have lost eight. the soccer game in tulsa, mustangs led 2-1, cleared out of the defensive zone, but look what happened, ended up bouncing over the head of the goal keeper, into the net, the first collegic gol. 95 yards, the goal ultimately proved to be the game winner. that's your early look at sports on "early tod." i'm fred roggin. rockers knocked off tour and fashion designers off the rockers. your early morning entertainment news headlines are straight ahead. plus, a building that's seen more than the fir share of celebrations and symbolism, bu it is safe to say the latt decorati is a first. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. a wet forecast for many areas of the east. right along the mid-atlantic from new york down to d.c., chance of rain in the southeast is going to get a good soaking. even goo wednesday, that wet weather today in the southeast moves up through new england. expect two wet days in a row,
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especially in the mid-atlantic states. anybody wondering about game series game one, the rain ending. it'll be a close call. and if you're watching us on wxia 11 in atlanta, discover how the 1996 olympic games changed atlanta forever from a southern capital to an international city as the atlanta history center. that's your eastern event of the day, dan. now if we can get rid of that traffic problem. >> i think there's a solution to that. land of the great city. that's why there's traffic. everyone's down there to see it. now an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. tonight, michael jackson "this is it" opens. and the film world mixed on how good it is, but one review is already in. elizabeth taylor, jackson's close friend says the movie is "the single most brilliant piece of film making she's ever seen."
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taylor said the film "cements forever michael's genius and every aspect of creativity." elsewhere, bruce springsteen canceled in kansas after his cousin, a road crew member was found dead at the band's hotel. no foul play was suspected. aircraft pulled out ric cl gallstones removed. she paid for her own flight to paris for the fiasco introduction, but lohan did take home $100,000 of free clothing. if the lindsay lohan designer doesn't make you say what? the olsen twins have started their third line of clothing exclusively with jc penney. >> i give up on you. we're getting these updates on icons and musicians and then you bring up lindsay lohan. you need lindsay rehab.
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the white house is proudly and prominently dressed in pink. to show the support of national breast cancer awareness month, the obamas went a step further than dawning lapel pins, crews hoisted a massive pink ribbon facing pennsylvania avenue to attract attention to the cause. this marks the 25th anniversary of breast cancer awareness month. this is "early today," your first stop of today. today, on your nbc station.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm tony sand. we're off to a rainy start on
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this tuesday. let's take a look at h.d. doppler radar. yes, you ever going to need your umbrella. the rain will be off and on earlier this morning into the afternoon. it is significantly warmer than yesterday with temperatures in the 50's. high of 59 or 60 this afternoon so maybe just adding five or six degrees and off and on rain showers through the afternoon. we'll be back with the seven-day forecast. >> the time now 4:57 and here's a look ahead at 11 news today. >> security changes are coming within the next few days for mark train commuters. i'm jennifer franciotti. we'll tell you what's coming up. >> i'm brook hart in washington. president obama's decision on the new strategy in afghanistan. that story coming up. >> absolutely everything that
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comes from them. it -- badly a service person can do two tours in vietnam, offer his life for his country and in his time of need if he didn't choose to marry or have any children he just vaporizes in their system. >> families speaking out after the veterans affairs reclaims money after a vet dies. >> we'll update you on that. and it is wet out there.
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